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SHIC receives funding from the Administration for Community Living (ACL). The program helps Medicare beneficiaries navigate through the processes and products of Medicare SHIC is an education and scientific research consortium dedicated to leveraging technology and data to positively impact senior healthcare treatment and delivery models to reduce Senior Healthcare Innovation Consortium Inc (SHIC) is an educational and scientific research consortium that seeks to improve senior population health, public safety, and

Learn More.our story.Shop Shic online store coming soon.Online Store Coming Soon.Our Founder Syntyche Thanks for choosing Shic Boutique! Spelling Bee Quiz Can you outdo past winners of the National Spelli The Swine Health Information Center, launched in with Pork Checkoff funding, protects and enhances the health of the US swine herd by minimizing the impact of disease threats through preparedness, coordinated communications, global disease monitoring, analysis of swine health data, and targeted research investments.National Pork Board.National Pork Producers Council.American Association of Swine Veterinarians.Morrison Swine Health Monitoring Program.The Center for Food Security and Public Health.ProMED Mail.USDA APHIS.Copyright Website by Heartland Marketing Group.HOT TOPICS:.AFRICAN SWINE FEVER.JEV SYMPOSIUM.SEARCH SHIC.SUPPORT FOR EMERGING DISEASE DISCOVERY.ASSESSING THE NEEDS FUNDING THE PROJECTS ANSWERING THE PROBLEMS.RAPID RESPONSE TEAM PROGRAM.EMERGING DISEASE RESOURCES.TOP SWINE DISEASE FACT SHEETS.OUR MISSION.LATEST NEWS.May SHIC eNewsletter April 28, Defenestration The fascinating story behind many people's favori SHIC, launched by the National Pork Board in solely with Pork Checkoff funding, continues to focus efforts on prevention, preparedness, and response to novel and emerging swine disease for the benefit of US swine health.As a conduit of information and research, SHIC encourages sharing of its publications and research.Forward, reprint, and quote SHIC material or contact Dr.Paul Sundberg at psundberg swinehealth.Through collaboration and partnerships, FFAR advances actionable science benefiting farmers, consumers and the environment.Email address Submit.SHIC Wean-to-Harvest Biosecurity Program Moving Forward October 18, Ames, Iowa.Advanced Animal Systems.Task force members came together, working efficiently and effectively to identify priorities for wean-to-harvest biosecurity.SHIC appreciates the time and service of each task member to provide valuable insight on how to best fill this gap in pork production biosecurity.Megan Niederwerder, DVM, PhD SHIC Associate Director.Site Biosecurity Research Priorities The Site Task Force recommends an industry-wide assessment to define the current bioexclusion standards and protocols applied to prevent the predominant pathogen introduction routes in the wean-to-harvest phase.Connect: FoundationFAR.Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates.Follow FFAR Twitter LinkedIn Facebook YouTube. Solutions are needed to leverage technology and data to positively impact senior health care treatment and delivery models to reduce societal costs.Senior healthcare is moving towards a system that attends to significant issues that affect the overall quality of life of older adults and their families.The current focus on diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases is not cost-effective in addressing complex health issues affecting seniors.Prevention or precluding the onset or minimizing the risk of a disorder should prioritize intervention, controlling or eliminating risk in progress.Growing healthcare issues for seniors require attention as a person progresses from aging in place to congregate living settings.There is a need to develop independent living solutions for seniors to maintain their autonomy even if they require assistance.Interoperable solutions are needed to integrate low-cost sensors, body area networks, telehealth, artificial intelligence AI , and the internet of things IoT.Those living in rural counties are more likely to be uninsured, live within a health professional shortage area and experience a local hospital closure.Food quality and diet-related illnesses are a leading source of poor health in seniors causing malnutrition.People usually have increasing prescriptions with increasing age, leading to additional risk factors: increased fall potential, weight loss, anorexia, etc.We need to establish better prescription and adherence management systems to prescribe judiciously for older patients.Telemedicine, Wearable Health Technologies, Predictive and Diagnostic Tools, Smart Assistive Technologies.SHIC stakeholders collaborate to solve and disrupt senior healthcare treatment and delivery models for the future.Providers of tertiary medical databases: Accountable Care Organizations ACO , doctor networks, etc.Toggle Navigation Home About Opportunities OTA How to Join Current Members Contact us.diagnostic sensors and AI Technology, etc.Holistic Approach to Elder Healthcare.Risk Mitigation in Senior Healthcare.Interoperable Solutions for Independent Living.There is a need to develop independent living solutions for seniors to maintain their autonomy even if they require assistance Interoperable solutions are needed to integrate low-cost sensors, body area networks, telehealth, artificial intelligence AI , and the internet of things IoT.Rural and Underrepresented Communities.Drug Management.Virtual Exercise Programs, Fitness Applications, Wearables, Podcasts, Interactive Media.Fall Prediction Systems, AI-Enabled Electronic Health Records EHR , EHR Connected Mobile Devices and Remote Monitoring.Telehealth and Virtual Counselling, COPD Puffer Monitors, Wearables and Mobile Applications.Portable Diagnostic Systems, Assistive Technology, Rehabilitation Devices, Age-friendly Buildings.Telemedicine, Remote Drug Delivery Systems, Remotely Guided Therapeutic Systems, Remote Monitoring, Smart Mobility Technologies, Business Model Innovation.Food Preparation and Sanitization Technologies, Food Quality Assessment Tools, Smart Food Trays, Diet and Nutrition Guidance through Apps and Podcasts, Food Shopping and Meal Prep Guidance, Pre-made Food Delivery Systems, Smart Refrigerators.Prescription Drug Management Systems and Technologies, Smart Pill Packs, Smart Puffers, Reminder Systems, Smart Analgesic Systems.Health care providers and health care delivery organizations.Federal Agencies: NIH, NSF, HHS, DoD, DHA and others.Learn How to Join SHIC.Managed by. True or False? Our doors opened April 21st , our owner Syntyche had a vision to bring natural nail care to her community.In September of Body By Shic was born.Syntyche created her own natural products to use during her services.The public fell in love with these natural products and Body By Shic was born.In January of Syntyche decided that she wanted to focus on bettering herself physically.She worked out and ate clean for ten straight months and even competed in a fitness competition.In Syntyche really started to take an interest in nutrition.By the lobby of Shic was transformed into the first ever Juiced By Shic! The February outbreak of Japanese encephalitis virus in Australia spurred action by animal and public health officials around the world.In the United States, the pork industry began monitoring Australia's situation and response, ramping up prevention and preparedness activities immediately.The Swine Health Information Center, along with industry partners, compiled a comprehensive list of research gaps to facilitate next steps in the ongoing efforts towards reducing the risk of JEV introduction and spread, understanding JEV's impact on production, and investigating how on-farm factors influence JEV transmission.An October JEV symposium co-sponsored by SHIC helped to inform the research gap identification effort, with needs broken into three areas of focus: immediate preparation response, intermediate response and longer-term response.Review the full list of priorities here.SHIC is working with industry, university and federal partners to address these research needs and enhance the ability of the U.swine industry to prevent, prepare and respond to JEV if introduced.As part of this process, SHIC is in communication with Australian veterinarians, producers and researchers to discuss opportunities for JEV collaboration.This list of research priorities builds on SHIC's currently funded JEV preparedness efforts, including an updated JEV entry and establishment risk assessment, a comprehensive JEV literature review, and a JEV Information Sharing Network website.This new website will be a JEV information resource designed to answer the pork industry's immediate questions and needs if JEV is introduced into the United States.As research efforts progress, results will be shared by SHIC and posted on the SHIC website as soon as they become available.Informa National Hog Farmer is part of the Informa Markets Division of Informa PLC Informa PLC About us Investor relations Talent.Home News SHIC identifies JEV research gaps to fuel U.SHIC identifies JEV research gaps to fuel U.preparedness Article-SHIC identifies JEV research gaps to fuel U.National Pork Board.Immediate preparation includes investigating the trade implications, economic losses to the U.pork industry due to production losses on sow farms.TAGS: Biosecurity Animal Health.Hide comments.user not logged in.More information about text formats.Text format Comments Plain text.Plain text No HTML tags allowed.Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.Lines and paragraphs break automatically.Leave this field blank.First batch of Z-line sows, gilts arrive at Innova Canada.PRIME Act draws criticism from meat groups.Load More.

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