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Family Owned Funeral Home
Since 2015

Tribute Wall for Jayquan Darren Moore

Public·18 Family and Friends

It’s crazy knowing someone and watching them go home to god I knew you threw ppl but you always had a positive vibe with me especially in the glen i hope ur family is doin ok smiling knowing ur in a better place


My guy this has been rough I mean dearly and truly,now you have rest , please look down on us my pal till we meet again words don't and can't express this hole but you shine on of course we love you tookie ,

RIH TookieMan. Words can't express how we feel. We love you lil cousin and you will be truly missed.😢💔🙏

Quan why didn’t you call me like you always do any other time 🥺you broke my heart with this why you wasn’t supposed be gone rn crazy how 3days for this happened me and Shea was looking how we’re rocing in bottom day 💔 im Truly sorry 😞 for not being there for you why didn’t try at me cry fr hell all you wanted was loved and it sad this only way mfs show love you broke me down with this one LLMyGator 💚Until We Meet Again Babyboy rest now been around me since 2012 I love ya ass this pic old but oh well rest up


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